Welcome to Ivywild!

As a little girl, I loved to sketch and learned calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting.

I studied to be an architect and have lived in three continents and four countries. I spent 16 years working as an architect full-time, designing skyscrapers in Hong Kong to simple brick buildings in rural India.

Since 2017, the Ivywild neighborhood in Colorado Springs has been my adopted home.

One day in 2020, I pulled out my long-forgotten paintbrushes and my 30-year-old Winsor and Newton watercolor tubes. Though they were hard as rock, I was determined to give them new life and pursue the passion of my childhood.

Ivywild Studio was born when I put those old pigment rocks into new glass containers and revived them with clear water.

More than a search for creative expression, I am on a journey to discover the beauty that has surrounded us since the beginning.

I hope my work in this space will speak to you in a meaningful way.

– Ivy Ng-Coffey